Preparing for college can be a lengthy and overwhelming process.

No matter the age of your son or daughter, picking the right college or university will make all the difference. With Woodson and Associates, LLC, the path to choosing the right school can be smoother, simpler, and less stressful.


Associate Partners are specialists in their fields.  Each member has worked on campuses across the country.  This knowledge provides you with in-depth information that will make your son or daughter a prime candidate.


There are numerous public and private institutions of higher education for your child to attend.  Our educational consultants can help you narrow down the choices, which will place your son or daughter in the right environment.  All HBCUs are not the same and selecting the right one definitely sets a student up for success


Our advisors will walk you through the process by addressing all of your concerns, answering your questions, and providing you with honest assessments and information. Whether it is helping with university admissions essays, completing the FAFSA, or finding the school with the best special needs services, we are here to help your family make the right decision.

Woodson and Associates, LLC is dedicated to providing the best tools, resources, and educational assessment services. Our goal is to help families make the most informed decisions about their student's educational needs.  By increasing the pool of available students for HBCUs , Woodson and Associates, LLC is impacting all HBCUs.

The Ready4College Workshops present current high school students and recent graduates with information that is critical for collegiate success. The program can be tailored towards the group that will be in attendance.  Often, the program is sponsored by community groups, schools, school systems, Greek organizations, or nonprofits.  The workshop can be tailored to any group.  To bring the workshop to your city, please contact or call 404-647-1300.